Once upon a time, there weretwo closed friends named Wiro and Sono who lived in Banyumas regrenciy. The used their lived to helpother people around them. They like to have journey arround their regrency.

One day, they went to a place were the people always be frigthened. They were afraid of a mouse. But it wasen’t a mouse in commen. The mouse was as big as crow. It killed people cattles. Nobody could kill it. It was as strong as lion. It was trrible condition. When two brave closed’s friend knew about it, they tired to defeat it. But it was to strong for them. They fought for three days and three night and finnally they could kill the terrible mouse.

But they injuret badli during the battle. The people on that place tried to help them but because of their wounds, they passed away. The people were very sad, so, to remain their brave, the people named their place as their names. Wiro and Sono, became Wirasana village.


~ oleh deeyan7 pada 7 Maret 2010.

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